Harald Kloser is an Austrian film music composer, film producer and script writer. After his studies of music in Riverside, California, he wrote his first film score for Niki List‘s Sternberg-Shooting Star, followed by soundtracks for Robert Dornhelm‘s movie Requiem for Dominique, The Comedian Harmonists and Gabriel Barylli‘s Butterbrot.

By now, Kloser belongs to the leading composers of Hollywood and works frequently together with Robert Dornhelm and Roland Emmerich. His scores for Dornhelm include Der Unfisch, The Rudy Giuliani Story, RFK and Sins of the Father. One of his most famous soundtracks was the music to Emmerich‘s movie The Day after Tomorrow in 2004. Kloser and Emmerich cooperated, once again, for the film 10.000 B.C. in 2008. In November 2009 the successful duo released the big-budget science fiction movie 2012, where Kloser acted as producer, script writer and film composer.

Kloser won the BMI Film Music Award in 2005 for both of his scores of Alien vs. Predator and The Day After Tomorrow.