The Rocketeer Suite

The film version of the comic »The Rocketeer« (1991) deals with unlucky stunt pilot Cliff Secord, who advances to some kind of superhero in the Hollywood of the 1930s after accidentally stumbling across a rocket-backpack. This device, created by nobody less than Howard Hughes, naturally also awakes the interest of hostile powers. Thus Cliff and his lover Jenny are soon chased by the FBI and Neville Sinclair, who incorporates a poor imitation of Errol Flynn and who, to add insult to injury, turns out to be a Nazi spy. For this turbulent homage to the cinema series of the 1930s to 1950s, James Horner created an, in every sense, old-fashioned, optimistic and in the stretched action-tableaus really lavishly over-composed score. As a spectacular and opulent orchestral performance of the main and love theme, »To the Rescue« reinforces the truly comic-typical happy-end and the final credits that follow.