The Curse of the Black Pearl Suite

The first movie, with Johnny Depp as the delightfully freaky pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, was a real surprise success. Director Gore Verbinski originally took his former comrade Alan Silvestri on board to create the score for the rapidly changing plots around a cursed pirate crew. However, producer Jerry Bruckheimer rejected his already far progressed score and replaced him with a familiar figure from the influential talent forge of Hans Zimmer. He chose the young German composer Klaus Badelt, who delivered a modern, zippy and adventurous film score destined to linger in the minds of all viewers.

The suite experiencing a world premiere here today tries to showcase as many climaxes as possible, and, alongside the diverse catchy themes (for example for Jack Sparrow, his ship »The Black Pearl« and the couple Will and Elizabeth), doesn’t neglect the action moments that are partly underlined with brutal rock rhythms.