Jurassic Park Suite

Even 20 years after its creation, John Williams’ score for Steven Spielberg’s first dinosaur spectacle »Jurassic Park« (1993) maintains the rank of one of the most popular film scores in the maestro’s canon. Its impressive fund of themes, varied in traditionally multi-colourful and broad orchestral style, became a similarly effective and addictive film score for the younger generations as »E.T«. or »Star Wars« had been decades before. 

Our concert suite follows the end credits with several deviations: After a gentle introduction for two horns, woodwind players and a harp, the »Main Theme« interchanges between noble grace and hymnal joy. From here Williams switches to a shiny fanfare-rich helicopter approach, characterized by ascending fifths (including tone-painted flute scores à la The Sea Hawk). The grand finale is formed by another strong fanfare, namely the one for the final triumph of the Tyrannosaurus Rex during the grasping showdown in the rotunda of the visitors’ centre.