Raider's March

The plot of the first »Indiana Jones«-movie »Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark« (1981) is set in the year 1936. Inspired by the series from the 1930s that were already mentioned in the context of the movie »The Rocketeer«, George Lucas created a scorching story about the search for the legendary Ark of the Covenant that bestows immeasurable powers upon its owner. In his merely fifth cinematic collaboration with director Steven Spielberg, John Williams succeeded in creating a theme enabling him to become a cult figure, even outsidethe boundaries of film score enthusiasts. »The Indiana Jones March« became as popular as the two-note-motive from Jaws or even the marches embodying »Superman« and »Darth Vader«. Today this timeless piece serves as an extended frame for the music underlining the final credits, which, in the middle section, grants space to the craving phases of string instruments in »Marion’s Theme«. The two-melody-pieces of the march, as a matter of fact, are based on separate plots created by the composer. At the time Spielberg could not decide which one to choose, so the heroic professor of archaeology received no less than two themes.