Howard Shore Medley

This medley spans almost 20 years of the oeuvre of this highly versatile artist with extracts from four very different works. It starts with the nostalgic, 1950s-based credit piece »This is the One« from Tim Burton’s film biography »Ed Wood« (1994). The subdued pathos of »America’s Aviation Hero«, in which an expressive piano solo appears, underlines Martin Scorsese’s portrayal of the eccentric visionary Howard Hughes in the movie »The Aviator« (2004). The main theme from »Eastern Promises«, a drama by Cronenberg produced in 2007 dealing with the Russian mafia in London, is played by a solo violin while a balalaika and dulcimer provide the local coloratura. The end of the medley is marked by the emotional Tom Hanks comedy »Big« (1988) telling the story of a small boy who becomes an adult overnight. Here the music is carried by the piano and warm Americana string orchestra sounds emphasising the touching final scene.