How to Traub Your Dragon Suite

Welcome to Berk, a Viking settlement at the end of the world. While other settlements may be struggling with smaller problems such as mice or mosquitoes, Berk is facing a major problem with dragons. This is how Hiccup, the protagonist of the film, introduces to his village – and after this the movie jumps straight into the plot of the 2010 animation blockbuster »How to Train Your Dragon«. The subsequent action sequence does not only set the standard for the storyline, but also gives composer John Powell room to place a musical overture. Powell introduces all important themes, including the stunning main theme, which clearly bears his unmistakable signature and consists of entertaining energetic melody arches that, with their joyous carefree style, are perfectly suited for a 3D animation adventure. The evening suite supplements the opening sequence »This is the Berk« with, among others, a pleasant love theme and dance motif orchestrated in a North-European style – one of Powell’s specialities. Nominated for an Oscar this year, this surely must be one of the best compositions of the Brit.