From Time to Time

»The Timekeeper «was a spectacular 360° cinema experience that was screened in the Disney theme parks of Paris, Tokyo and Orlando. The animatronic host Timekeeper accompanied the audience on an adventurous journey through space and time. Obviously such a trip simply cannot work without an adequate soundtrack and – when it comes to that – Disney tends to work with the best. Bruce Broughton’s composition »From Time to Time« manages to cover the broad historic period that the plot depicts. As in most of his works, he has created a wide-ranging and adventurous – yet nevertheless catchy – score with a lot of historic humour - music that has something to offer for all age groups and will amaze any audience. The concert performance of »From Time to Time« celebrated its world premiere in Vienna. During »Hollywood in Vienna« it also accompanied us visually on a journey, from the Golden Age of Hollywood to modern day Los Angeles – and, of course, from the Hollywood Hills to today’s Vienna, where we celebrate the musical connection of the two worlds.  Many scenes were shot on Austrian locations such as the Viennese palm tree house at Schonbrunn castle.