Parade of the Charioteers

For the biblical epic »Ben-Hur« (1959), which was produced at an unprecedented expense and was about to decide the destiny of the financially battered studios, the Hungarian master composer created a grand Oscar-winning score full of inspiring melodies and dramatic force. The conflict between the Jewish people and Rome during the lifetime of Jesus Christ, condensed into the intense conflict between former childhood friends Ben-Hur and Messala, is mirrored in the piece we will experience today. »The Parade of the Chariot Race« unites two topics. The first one presents a major key expansion of a motive for Messala that – as a fierce minor key variation – underlines the politically motivated brutality of the former friend in the first third of the movie. The second one showcases the optimistically surging Ben-Hur theme. The two main opponents in the upcoming fateful chariot race are thus musically emphasised.