Back to the Future Suite

After an evening with outstanding composers who showed how much fun and intellectual pleasure a film score can bring. Back from the world of movies and its music into a future that invites us all to keep our eyes and ears wide open. The daring teenager Marty Mac Fly (alias Michal J. Fox) saved his own future in the past back in 1985. Alan Silvestri’s score for »Back to the Future« transports this uncompromising determination to be on the move, to not stand still. The escape from the past is not a means to an end, but an expression of the will not to remain in the status quo. It is the youthful nonchalance that enables Marty Mac Fly to accomplish what he wants. Silvestri’s score is therefore based on the characters of the film; after all the spectators are following their adventure. Concisely and directly orchestrated, »Back to the Future« is bursting with positive energy – an energy that we would all love to pocket and take home with us - conducted by Alan Silvestri himself.